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Vagh Baras 2017 is the one of the festival day of Diwali which come a day before Dhanteras. Vagh Baaras Wishes is also called Govatsa Dwadashi and Guru Dwadashi in western states of India (e.g. in Gujarat). Vagh Baras 2017 also called Vasubaras in Maharashtra. People of north India worship this day for Govamsa puja. This day Vagh Baras Images are shared in the auspicious for worship cow and calf. Some places in Gujarat, by Dhodia tribe celebrate Vagh Baras playing game of Vagh (tiger) and cow, person wear cloths of tiger skin and chase for person who wear cloths of cow.

Happy Vagh Baras

Vagh-baras-Images                                                                                            Vagh-baras-Images

Aayi Hai Vagh Baras Dekho
Sang Layi Khushiya Dekho
Yehan Wahan Jahan Dekho
Aaj Deep Jagmagate Dekho
Happy Vagh Baras  to you and your family!!

Phool Ki Shuruvat Kali Se Hoti Hai,
Zindagi Ki Shuruvat Pyar Se Hoti Hai,
Pyar Ki Shuruvat Apno Se Hoti Hai Aur
Apno Ki Shuruvat Aapse Hoti Hai.
Wish You Happy Vagh baras

Vagh Baras Images



May This Vagh Baras 2017, You Be Blessed With
Good Fortune – As Long As Ganeshji’s Trunk,
Wealth And Prosperity – As Big As His Stomach,
Happiness As Sweet As His Ladoos And
Troubles – As Small As His Mouse.
Wish You Happy Vagh Baras

May The Beauty Of Vagh Baras 2017
Fill Your Home With Happiness,
And May The Coming Year
Provide You With All
That Bring You Joy!

Happy Vagh Baras 2017


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